Sunday, April 21, 2013

This is Me!

Hi guys!

So, this is my first actual blog. Not really sure where to go but starting is always a really good idea right? :)

My name is Kat. Basically, I've decided that the time for change is NOW. If I'm unhappy, why put it off until tomorrow? I am starting right this very second to change my habits, and part of that is being held accountable through blogging! My ultimate goal is a healthier and happier life, but I will soon start to nail down specific goals as this process develops.

A little about me:

-I'm a 19 year old girl.
-I attend college in California.
-I consider myself an introvert.
-I love "alternative" music, and am currently listening to OneRepublic's album "Native".
-I have been diagnosed with social anxiety, and am 99% sure I have depression as well.
                 -I've been fighting them for a few years now, and am so much better already. :)
-I am obsessed with animals and bright colors.
-I love to read and to spend time in nature.

Most importantly:
-I want to have a better life than what I've been giving myself. This means eating better, exercising regularly, doing more things simply to make myself happy, learning not to procrastinate so heavily, and working on improving my self confidence. I want to figure out how to treat myself right and to give myself the good things and happiness I deserve.

Anyway, that's all for the first post but stay tuned for updates soon!

The time for change is NOW. What can you do differently today?